Marxy Back, Lance on Hiatus


Coming back to the computer this morning, I was a little worried about the effect of Lance’s posts on my readership, but I checked my stats: My unique visitors went up 25%! Apparently, you would all rather read musings from an American 16 year-old than whatever it is I usually write about. I should have known that this day was coming.

I was amused to find that some people doubted Lance’s existence, but surely, Lance exists whether in Charlottesville, Nashville, or Rockville. Reading his posts, I was reminded of why I don’t currently reside in the United States and refreshed on some of the weaker points of Kurt Cobain’s lyrics.

I’m back to essaying about Japan this week, so stay tuned if that’s your kind of thing. Lance fans can check “the Internet” for similar-type posts.

Marxy wrote a lot of essays back on his old site Néomarxisme. This is one of them.

5 Responses

  1. odot Says:

    i’ll definitely “check” the “internet”, bobbing for more

    no one matches your witty hoaxes, though.

    i wish i could lecture you on the French teen blog-type language, you’d be thrilled.

  2. marxy Says:

    I’d really love to hear about French teen blog-slang. Maybe you can write something for my blog about it. (I’m serious.)

  3. graham Says:

    A French friend tells me one of the favored oddities in slang these days is to switch around the syllables. I think the example he gave was turning femme in to mmefe or something.

    Also it turns out Spanish teens re-spell everything when using IM software. Anything qu becomes k. “Kien eres?” or the word que becomes ke. And, de is always abbriviated as d.

  4. farley Says:

    Perhaps more people came because he offered more popular words up to the search engines. Lots more people googling Puddle of Mudd than Kiiiiiii! (sadly…) Maybe you should start each post with a “teaser”; something like “dormroom fantasy, spring break, free pics” and then break into the usual diatribe about how your new phone is a “Ms.” not an “it.” … Wait, what does “hoax” mean?

  5. odot Says:

    i’m working on that, david

    but teen vernacular has become quite a complex thing

    the thing you’re mentioning, graham, is called “verlan” (it’s the reversed “l’envers”, it’s based on quite a complex switching around of syllables (especially for words with more than two syllables) and completely random laws (some words get respelled, some don’t). but it’s nothing new – it’s at least 15 years old…

    teen language has evolved dramatically since then. i was more thinking of the written one, though, which is even more amazing (plus it uses a lot of non words involving coded sms language and nerdy internet codes)