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Meanwhile at Traveling Wilburys Headquarters...


BOB DYLAN: Roy, good to see you.
GEORGE HARRISON: Roy, you know Tom, right?
TOM PETTY: Hi, Roy. Nice to see you again.

(sound of rustling in the bushes.)

GEORGE HARRISON: Oh, no! Jeff Lynne is here.
BOB DYLAN: That guy who did Xanadu?
TOM PETTY: Christ.

JEFF LYNNE enters the room — in pop-operatic form.

JEFF LYNNE: Bob, Roy, George, Tom! Great to see you all.
BOB DYLAN: Hi, Jeff. I really liked that one album of yours…
JEFF LYNNE: Which one?
BOB DYLAN: The one with the gaudy spaceship on the cover.
JEFF LYNNE: All of my albums have gaudy spaceships on the cover.

TOM PETTY: (aside to George Harrison) I’m only working with this guy if you promise to never let him get his paws on Beatles material.
GEORGE HARRISON: Let’s not worry about the impossible.

Marxy wrote a lot of essays back on his old site Néomarxisme. This is one of them.

4 Responses

  1. odot Says:

    tom petty is pretty embarassing as well, don’t you think?

  2. marxy Says:

    Tom Petty’s star hasn’t aged well. I think when the TW came out, it was certainly Tom Petty > Jeff Lynne, but you’re probably right looking back on it now. “Mr. Blue Sky” is infinitely better than “Running Down a Dream.”

  3. ndkent Says:

    I can’t say I’m really here nor there about Del Shannon but it does seem like the best Wilburrys die off too regularly. Darn that gets me worried about Dylan (who’s fwiw, one of the main reasons Petty’s in there)

  4. Chris_B Says:

    Tom Petty did nicely backing Johnny Cash.