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Noda Nagi's Pakuri Problem Part Two


In my post from April 30th, I asked whether anyone really cares that art director Noda Nagi habitually steals ideas from other sources? Apparently, people do care.

According to some insider sources, Japanese fine artist Aida Makoto‘s managing gallery — Mizuma Art Gallery — has sued Noda over her illicit copying of Aida’s work “Azemichi” for the record cover of Halcali’s second album Ongaku no Susume. Noda’s management was rumored to be livid over the action and claimed that Noda had never even heard of Aida until they both appeared at the same Tokion conference last November. Aida supposedly thinks this whole episode is hilarious, and his manager sees the aggressive lawsuit itself as a provocative piece of “contemporary art.” Nice idea: if the commercial system keeps stealing your ideas, make the legal-economic system into performance art.

In totally unrelated news, Halcali have discontinued the original Ongaku no Susume cover and have a new pakuri-free one to celebrate their breaking of the 100,000 sales mark! (See the change here). God bless Japanese society’s omote/ura distinction where all this behind-the-scenes stuff is never proven to be a causative factor of what happens. No one loses face with this well-timed new cover — unless those idiot bloggers start wanting the truth or something lame like that.

Marxy wrote a lot of essays back on his old site Néomarxisme. This is one of them.

2 Responses

  1. Nagi Noda Says:

    I was just wondering about this notion of authenticity and copying. This is clearly a western idea correct?

  2. marxy Says:

    See, they say that and then who’s bitching about pakuri on 2-ch? Japanese kids. And who’s suing Noda Nagi (you)? Japanese artists. Of course, I’m going to complain about it, but I’m like the last guy in the city to have an opinion on this matter.