Radio MXUT Vol. 4

Radio MXUT Vol. 4

Radio MXUT returns with a very special podcast to celebrate the launch of Néojaponisme: Radio MXUT Vol. 4 – クサクサ毛布昭和ラジオアワー

In this edition, we explore Japanese rock and pop from the late 1960s and early 1970s — dusty gems from analog records and voice-overs recorded between dusty winter blankets. If you like driving minor key rockers that end mysteriously on a major chord, this is your radio show. If you like radio hours that last much less than an hour, I beg you to download, then listen.

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1. 平山三記/心のとびらをノックして
Hirayama Miki — Kokoro no tobira wo nokku shite
2. ザ・モージョ/ソ・ロング・ベイビー
The Mojo — So Long Baby
3. ピンキーとキラーズ/ファンキー・エンジェル
Pinky & Killers — Funky Angel
4. ザ・タイガーズ/イエロー・キャッツ
The Tigers — Yellow Cats
5. 平田隆夫とセルスターズ/悪魔がにくい
Hirata Takao and the Selstars – Akuma ga Nikui
6. ザ・ダイナマイツ/恋はもうたくさん
The Dynamites — Koi wa mou takusan
7. ジャッキー吉川とブルー・コメッツ/太陽の娘
Jackey Yoshikawa and His Blue Comets — Linda
8. 寺内タケシとバニーズ/シェイクNo.1
Terauchi Takeshi and Bunnies — Shake No. 1
9. ザ・カーナビーツ/好きさ好きさ好きさ
The Carnabeats — I Love You
10. ザ・ジャガーズ/いつか誰か
The Jaguars — Itsuka Dareka
11. PICO (樋口やすお)/I love you
Pico – I love you
12. ヒデとロザンナ/素晴らしい雲
Hide & Rosanna – Cloudy is My Friend
13. トワ・エ・モワ/誰かのために
Toi et Moi – Dareka no tame ni
14. 弘田三枝子/鏡の中の天使
Hirota Mieko – The Angel Out of the Mirror

Special Thanks to Ryan Erik Williams for Technics-al Support.

W. David MARX
September 28, 2007

W. David Marx (Marxy) — Tokyo-based writer and musician — is the founder and chief editor of Néojaponisme.

11 Responses

  1. Kim Jong-il Hater Says:

    What about Les Rallizes Denudes?

  2. W. David MARX Says:

    I want to make the point that all of the artists above were mainstream to a certain degree and came out on major labels. This isn’t a primer to “Japanese underground rock of the 1960s” at all. The Tigers were basically the SMAP of their era. Jackey Yoshikawa is who your mom wanted you to love.

    Second, I am sure Les Rallizes Denudes are amazing and innovative or whatever, but I would not confuse them with what “most people were listening to back in the old days.” They were totally obscure at the time, no matter how influential they are looking back.

  3. docsnoek Says:

    Great podcast! But where can I find the tracklists of the older episodes? Navigation on this site is sometimes a bit… obscure.

  4. W. David MARX Says:

    Tracklists for Vols. 1 and 3 were never published, but Tracklist for Vol. 2 is available here:

  5. Jrim Says:

    Thanks. That went down very nicely with my Saturday morning cup of coffee. Would’ve liked to hear a bit of Jacks in there too, but I guess it would’ve spoiled the mood.

  6. Kim Jong-il Hater Says:

    Aha, yeah LRD was veeeeeeeeeery underground. Mad hard to find their albums, most of them are bootlegs. But I still find places to download them. :)

  7. mexist Says:

    Killer! I’ll listen to this riding my bike around SF today…

  8. Sketch Says:

    This time I was doing the Swim without the sake – thanks!

  9. laotree Says:

    “Tracklists for Vols. 1 and 3 were never published…”

    Actually if you email OK Fred they’ll send you a playlist for any of their podcasts, but I’ll save you the trouble!

    Radio MXUT Vol.1

    1. The Beastie Boys “So Whatcha Want” + The Millenium
    2. Jay-Z “99 Problems” + Beck “Loser”
    3. Yura Yura Teikoku “Gozen 3ji no Fuzz Guitar”
    4. Flipper’s Guitar “The Quizmaster” + George Michael
    “Freedom ’90”
    5. Onyx “Slam”
    6. Oasis “Wonderwall” + Kris Kross “Jump”
    7. The Turtles “I’m Chief Kamanawalea (We’re the Royal
    Macadamia Nuts)”
    8. Jane’s Addiction “Been Caught Stealing (Remix)”
    9. DMX a capella + The Beatles “Flying” (blended by master
    producer Phofo)
    10. The Mamas & The Papas “Straight Shooter”
    11. Halcali “Halcali Sensation”
    12. Friend & Lover “Reach Out of the Darkness”
    12.5 Nixon Skit
    13. Information Society “What’s On Your Mind (Pure
    Energy)” + The Rapture “Sister Savior (DFA Dub)”
    14. The Beach Boys “Sloop John B” + Jesus & Mary Chain
    “Just Like Honey” + Akakage “Saturday Night”
    15. Shugo Tokumaru “The Mop (self-remix)”
    16. DJ Kodomo “word stretch”
    17. Salon Music “Speedy Fall 1/4”
    18. The Escape Club “Wild Wild West”
    19. The Russian Futurists “Let’s Get Ready to Crumble”
    20. Caribou “Subotnick”
    21. Dana Gillespie “You Just Gotta Know My Mind”
    22. The Breeders “I Just Wanna Get Along”
    23. Johnny Polonsky “I Don’t Know What to Dream at Night”
    24. Famicon Soundtrack “Balloon Fight (extended remix)”
    25. Liz Phair “Flower (Dirty 808 Remix)”
    26. The Tigers “C-C-C”
    27. The Mae Shi “Power to the Power Bite Two”
    27.5 Roboko skit
    28. The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” + The Chemical
    Brothers “Setting Sun”
    29. Electric Light Orchestra “The Whale”

  10. W. David MARX Says:

    Thanks for posting that. I am not even sure if I had that text laying around.

  11. laotree Says:

    No problem, it was sitting on my desktop with about 20 other random txt files…
    I enjoyed the mix!
    Do you or anyone else know what Japanese band from this era covered the Animals “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”? (with Japanese lyrics, of course.) My mother-in-law recognized the tune when I selected it for karaoke but couldn’t remember the group name.