Neojaponisme Oh! Sake!: Asahi Super Dry

The latest episode of Néojaponisme Oh! Sake! — our videocast on Japanese alcoholic beverages. Watch it here in HD!

In this fifth episode, Marxy and writer/translator Matt Alt do a taste test of Japan’s most popular beer — Asahi Super Dry — and its new variations — Asahi Dry Black and Asahi Dry Zero.

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W. David MARX
August 28, 2012

W. David Marx (Marxy) — Tokyo-based writer and musician — is the founder and chief editor of Néojaponisme.

6 Responses

  1. cee Says:

    i guess they might not be terrible/heavily-marketed enough for oh!sake, but there’ve been some quite interesting small-brewery beers knocking about at the moment that you could always check out. even just the fancy supermarket fare like coedo/yona yona/ginga kogen (their wheat beer is genuinely super nice). i don’t think many of them diverge very far from standard fizzy/germanic models, except by adding fruit etc flavours, which always seems such a cop-out.

  2. W. David MARX Says:

    The reason we haven’t reviewed Coedo, Yona Yona, and Ginga Kogen is that they’re good.

  3. cee Says:

    aw, i dunno, coedo’s kinda dull.

  4. Jakub Says:

    Hey Matt, where did that na zdrowie come from?:)
    You got sny connections to POLAND? :)

  5. ggg Says:

    I expect a full report.
    (if… you want to. you know…)

  6. kovy Says:

    Finally, an update.