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Radio MXUT Vol. 2 - Electricity!


Radio MXUT returns to the Internet with a new frantic mega-mix podcast based on the theme of “electricity.” Over the course of 49 minutes, hosts Marxy and U.T. (Kiiiiiii) bring you twenty-five energetic musical selections: obscure pico pico Japanese electro-pop, digital beats, analog blurts, vintage electro-rock, and a “mashup” of (Lil’) Bow Wow and Architecture in Helsinki — delivering the final nail in the coffin for that particular early Aughts trend. Contractually-obligated pun-laced copy: Radio MXUT deliver another shocking selection of current material! T.G.I.Faraday!

File: mp3
Feed: .rss feed

marxy — amperes, volts, mixing
u.t. — ohms, coulombs, narration

Track list after the jump.

1. Yukari Fresh “Ykr Plys th Gtr & Drms”
2. The B-52’s “52 Girls”
3. LCD Soundsystem “Movement” + “Beat Connection”
4. MacDonald Duck Eclair “The Eyes Just Like a Fawn’s”
5. Metalchicks “Fast and Furious”
6. Panda “Project Material”
7. Plus-Tech Squeeze Box “Fiddle-Dee-Dee!!”
8. Sylvia 55 “Life”
9. Fredo “Teenage Monster”
10. Shugo Tokumaru “Abante”
11. Digiki “Desktop Music”
12. Nobuko Hori “xtoyourmilkyhair”
13. Plamo Million Sellers “Hustle Chumy”
14. DJ Jin “MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE Back-in-the-dayz Remix”
15. Handsome Boys Technique “Miami Radio Flash”
16. Utrecht “Natt!”
17. The Electronic Tomato “Amoureux Solitaires”
18. Liquid Pegasus “R.O.B.O.T.”
19. Motocompo “Discotheque Murder”
20. Kiiiiiii “(The World According to) Carp and Sheep” + lo-fi-fnk “unighted”
21. Action Biker “la conjugaison pour tous” + Bow Wow “Like You” + Architecture in Helsinki “Frenchy, I’m Faking”
22. Plamo Million Sellers “Tsubuyori no Yomaigoto”
23. Sonic Coaster Pop “Summer in the Pool”
24. Citrus “Wispy, No Mercy”
25. Yellow Magic Orchestra “Cosmic Surfin'”

W. David MARX (Marxy)
February 24, 2006

Marxy wrote a lot of essays back on his old site Néomarxisme. This is one of them.

21 Responses

  1. Carl Says:

    Snagglepuss – I was thinking about that guy during Christmas break. What’s up with him. He’s a gay stereotype, right? Why.

  2. Carl Says:

    Oo, I just got to the Metalchicks sample. That’s good, too.

  3. Carl Says:

    The two seconds of “Great Five Lakes” and “Destron” really took me back to high school. I was totally in love with those songs.

  4. marxy Says:

    I hope this mix entertains those who get all the references – like Carl – and those who have no idea what in the world is going on.

  5. marxy Says:

    He’s a gay stereotype, right?

    He’s not gay. He’s a thespian.

  6. nate Says:

    snagglepuss was a parody/copy of a formerly popular hollywood figure, like a lot of hanna-barbera’s early hits (yogi bear, fred flintstone, top cat, jabberjaw, etc). the simpsons made a joke to that effect a while back.

    in this case, bert lahr, best known as the cowardly lion, is the inspiration.

    These days we just edit sith-finger-lightning onto an ecstatic tom cruise.

  7. marxy Says:

    So I should compare James Murphy to Bert Lahr?

  8. adamu Says:

    Great, thanks for reminding me of that horrible Tokyo Disney parade. I fear it will give me nightmares again.

  9. Emmanuel Says:

    Dude! I’m squarely in the bracket that only understands like 25%. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  10. scott Says:

    Amazing. Can’t stop listening long enough to look for the track list.

  11. channing Says:

    I hope you’ll do another intentionally terrible yet totally danceable mix like Vol. 1 (I was just telling someone about the time-travelling Wild Wild West anti-request, and thinking about how dope it would be to drop Been Caught Stealing and Jump at a party). But this one is excellent on its own, legitimately listenable, terms.

  12. marxy Says:

    Channing, you perfectly described the essence of both mixes. I’m not sure I can pull off another Vol. 1 “ironic” mix for a while. That took almost 9 months to put together and a lot of soul-searching. This one is infinitely more listenable and includes “good songs” instead of “hey, Primal Scream ripped off George Michael, no?”

  13. Rory P. Wavekrest Says:


    Whats the short housey bit around 9:40?

  14. Carl Says:

    Wait, is it being implied that Maddona’s Hung Up On You is ‘legitimately listenable’?

  15. marxy Says:

    The first few seconds are.

  16. Martin Webb Says:

    “I’m loving” this

  17. marxy Says:

    Anyone else notice that the McDonalds “I’m lovin’ it” campaign cups in Japan have every language but Japanese. I guess they couldn’t find a decent translation.

  18. Martin Webb Says:

    I’m also lovin’ the podcast story in today’s JT.

    Is the above comment an admission that you visited a McDonalds?

    I seem to remember Thai posters also showing the slogan in the English original.

  19. marxy Says:

    I’m not sure it’s possible to “love” my podcast story, unless you are being sarcastic. I’m not sure I have a future in “just-the-facts-ma’am” newspaper reporting.

  20. Carl Says:

    Anyone else notice that the McDonalds “I’m lovin’ it” campaign cups in Japan have every language but Japanese. I guess they couldn’t find a decent translation.

    Went home in Christmas 2004. Go to McDonalds with my brother. Point at the cup. “Can you find the Japanese slogan?” He points at the Chinese one. I point at “I’m loving it.” Exeunt.

  21. Martin Webb Says:

    It was indeed a labored compliment. Meant as amicable encouragement. No sarcasm intended. Far more scope than just-facts writing, just need to find a better page. Pitch features.