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The Year 2012 in Japan

December 28, 2012

Team Néojaponisme are a-okay. Thanks for asking.

The Jimusho System: Part Three

W. David MARX
May 23, 2011

W. David Marx (Marxy) — Tokyo-based writer and musician — is the founder and chief editor of Néojaponisme.

Confessions of a pseudo-pseudo-psychic

September 1, 2009

Matt Treyvaud is a writer and translator living near Kamakura. He is Néojaponisme's Literature/Language editor and the proprietor of No-sword.

Free Noriko Sakai

August 10, 2009

Team Néojaponisme are a-okay. Thanks for asking.

Shingo's Apology: The Necessary Empty Gesture

May 5, 2009

Ryan Morrison grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and went to school in California. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo. His blog is Beholdmyswarthyface.