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Neojaponisme New Design

Neojaponisme Relaunch

We founded this web journal back in Fall 2007, and the design was meant as a hedge on the entire idea of the “web”: What if we created a “blog” that looked like an early 20th century printed art journal?

This worked as a good foundation, but in the last few years, our publishing schedule has been more akin to a seasonal journal than a daily blog, and at the same time, the web has established itself so fully as a medium for publication that there is no longer good reason to hedge.

With this in mind today we have today finally launched our new updated look. We got rid of the sidebar navigations that no longer felt necessary and killed links to dead associated properties like Meta no Tame and Creation Centre. More importantly, we have implemented web fonts and optimized line lengths to foster greater readability. We also newly offer a mobile version of the site optimized for reading on modern smartphones. Big thanks to our developer Paul Sather for his work.

If you miss seeing the latest list of commenters, we recommend that you subscribe to our Comments RSS feed. Other good ways to follow us include our Twitter feed and our Google+ page.

Honestly speaking, we are likely to continue being busy people and publishing less frequently than we desire, but we can promise that we have many things planned for the coming months. Keep in touch.

May 8, 2012

Team Néojaponisme are a-okay. Thanks for asking.

7 Responses

  1. Aaron Says:

    I like the new look. Now I don’t have to zoom the pages to 200% when reading on the site! (Usually I read from the RSS feed anyway.)

  2. SD Says:

    It feels unbalanced and thoughtless to me… like why is there a sticky sidebar on the top right and a scrolling sidebar on the left? Why is the main text column to the right of the center of the page, but left-aligned? How does the web font fit in with the newsprint color scheme? Etc etc. I also really don’t like only being able to see about three paragraphs at a time on screen.

    The old design was good. Why can’t there be a mobile version and a regular version of neojaponisme?

  3. lostnbronx Says:

    Nice clean look! I, too, appreciate the bigger font. This looks modern, and it’s definitely easier to use — which makes it more relevant over all. Fine job!

  4. Leonardo Boiko Says:

    That “w” is really distinctive.

  5. Mr. Smegma Says:

    Yo NeojapsMofos keep that mfshit up, just typo BS don’t like bro.
    More vidcasts lazy ass!

  6. Leonardo Boiko Says:

    The new design might be mobile-friendly, but it’s not very small-screen–friendly. On my eeepc (800×480), the sticky ‘néojaponisme’ logo and gray wavy thing take up half the screen, so that I can only see a paragraph at a time in the space left.

  7. W. David MARX Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into the floating title bar.