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For general requests, comments, and questions, please email us at:
nj[at mark]
For submissions, please email us at:
editor[at mark]

Submission Policy:
We do accept unsolicited materials for publication, but please follow these simple guidelines:

1) If possible, send us a short pitch of the piece in the initial communication rather than the entire work.
2) Please include your full name, email, and a link to where we can see some of your previous work.
3) If you would like us to view pictures, movies, or other non-textual materials, please provide a link rather than attaching the materials to the email.

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Although we are open to a variety of submissions with no limitations on genre or format, please understand that there may be some topics that we reject out of considerations for editorial consistency and direction. Please become familiar with past pieces and our Manifesto in order to understand the kinds of work we are interested in featuring.