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W. David Marx
W. David Marx – Co-Founder, Chief Editor
W. David Marx wrote Ametora and Status and Culture.

Ian Lynam
Ian Lynam – Co-Founder, Art/Design Editor
Ian Lynam is a graphic designer and writer living in Tokyo, Japan. He is a contributing editor and writer for Slanted and Idea and has authored numerous graphic design-focused books. He is faculty in the MFA Graphic Design program at Vermont College of Fine Arts and adjunct faculty in the undergraduate Fine Arts program at Temple University Japan. He is a graduate of Portland State University (BS, Graphic Design) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA Graphic Design).

Matt Treyvaud
Matt Treyvaud – Literature/Language Editor
Matt Treyvaud is a writer and translator living near Kamakura. Born in Australia, he studied linguistics and literature at the University of Melbourne and then worked as a copywriter and editor before moving to Japan. He is the proprietor of No-sword, a blog about Japanese language and culture.

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