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Deep Within the Island


I went off to meet this kind of amazing luminary who lives deep within the island. I don’t know what kind of guy he is, but he apparently eats raw meat. But even if he welcomes me in and serves me raw meat, I won’t be able to eat raw meat. So I went off into the island carrying a gas stove on my back.


This short story originally appeared as 「島の奥」in the book『ただいま、おかえりなさい』 (Tadaima Okaerinasai).

INUI Akito

Translation by
W. David MARX

Illustration by
TADA Reiko

October 11, 2007

Inui Akito is a playwright and founder of Tokyo theatre group Crack Iron Albatrossket.

W. David Marx (Marxy) — Tokyo-based writer and musician — is the founder and chief editor of Néojaponisme.

Tada Reiko is the drummer for the band Kiiiiiii and an accomplished illustrator. Her artwork has graced t-shirts at Tower Records and Beams, the horoscope page of CUTiE, and a whole slew of tour products for popular band The Boom.

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2 Responses

  1. trevor Says:

    is that the whole story? regardless. i think i love it. the drawing is just icing on that sucker.

  2. Leonardo Boiko Says:

    murakami vibes.