Six Mysterious Tools by Michael Neault

Michael Neault

We are happy to present a new series of images by writer and designer Michael Neault and for Néojaponisme

The mystery tools illustrated are:

Mystery tool #1 – “6 Variations on the Brad Awl”

Mystery tool #2 – “Sailmaker’s Curved Roaching Shears”

Mystery tool #3 – “A Cooper’s Inshave, 2 Different Styles”

Mystery tool #4 – “Saw Tooth Croze Iron”

Mystery tool #5 – “A Head Vise, also known as Giant Iron Screw Eye”

Mystery tool #6 – “Common Sense Plumb Bobs: (a) All purpose brass
w/steel point (b) Economy grade painted iron (c) Cast brass,

October 15, 2008

Michael Neault is a designer, film programmer, and writer living in Upstate New York. His website Snore & Guzzle is a fantastic compendium of well-written articles on cinema and design.

2 Responses

  1. cee Says:

    how are the bradawl and the plumb bob mysterious? both are essential in the putting together of shelves.

  2. Justin Says:

    None of them are particularly mysterious to any woodworker.