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Neojaponisme Twitters


Deeply questioning the theory that recessions increase blog activity, Néojaponisme has been conspicuously unproductive for the last few months. As part of an initiative to get things going again, we have launched a Twitter feed — — to bring you even more ideas, observations, links, and one-liners on even more forms of new media. Of course, these tweets are merely compliments to our usual business of art-accompanied essays, so fear not: we can still be long-winded.

Since we have multiple editors, the writer’s name will be in brackets at the front of the tweet: e.g., [Marxy], [Ian], etc.

Please sign up for our feed:

April 22, 2009

Team Néojaponisme are a-okay. Thanks for asking.

3 Responses

  1. Harvey Says:

    Great! I’m there.

  2. Adamu Says:

    ok im signed up but i am still not really getting why twitter makes sense

  3. Young James Says:

    I`m not getting whether those birds are tweeting in binary or just advertising for Marui.