Tokyo Photo Dead Wave: Patrick Tsai

Patrick Tsai Tokyo Photo Dead Wave

Tokyo Photo Dead Wave is a new bi-weekly series curated by Néojaponisme showcasing the best up-and-coming new photography from Tokyo.

The second photo in the series is by American photographer Patrick Tsai.

“This photo was originally full color… anyways Japanese armpit hair is always black… I think.”

See the original color version here.

For a larger image of the photograph, please click here

About Patrick Tsai:
Patrick Tsai was born in America, but, as he could, he left.  Since then, he has been working in Taiwan, China, and Japan as a photographer documenting the strange and the beautiful.  His work has been featured in Foam Magazine, Vice Magazine, as well as the Hyere’s Festival. 

For more information please visit his website

July 22, 2010

Ian Lynam is a graphic designer living in Tokyo and the art director of Neojaponisme. His website is located at His new book, Parallel Strokes, on the intersection of graffiti and typography is available now.

2 Responses

  1. bendall Says:

    Where the heck is that dude’s earphone going to?

  2. M-Bone Says:

    That’s not an earphone, it’s a form of signal to the other werewolves.

    (Boring answer – it’s an allergy / cold mask)